My Newspaper and Magazine Articles

These are the articles I wrote for magazines and newspapers when I lived in Singapore in the 1980’s. It was a very happy and productive time and I made wonderful friends. Yes, it was a while ago but writing all these articles taught me how to hook a reader, how to write clearly and concisely, how to write creatively even when writing non-fiction and the importance of having an ending that satisfies.


The Straits Times (Sunday Plus Supplement)
Canaries Make a Comeback – December 1988
Picking the Best Talker – May  1988
Teach a Bird to Talk – April 1988 (this article was requested by The ‘Centre for British Teachers’ in Brunei, to be used in a reading kit to prepare students for English O’ level examinations.)


The Singapore American Newspaper
Novel Theme for Cards – March 1987
Memories capture glow of Indian Christmas – Dec 1986
Tots Tumble with a Purpose – Sept 1986
Bridge Culture Gap with Knowledge –  May 1986
Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright – February 1986
Chinese Year of the Tiger – February 1986
Vietnamese Refugees – January 1986
Bird Park Needs Many Volunteers – January 1986
Amphitheatre Features Creatures – December 1985
Hindu Fete turns Moonless Night into Day – Nov 1985
And a Sad Farewell – October 1985
Birds sing Again on Orchard Road – July 1985
Tigers of all Stripes Fire the Imagination – June 1985
Turtles: Traditional Symbol, Popular Pet – April 1985
Papercuts  – February 1985
Parrots, Parrots, Parrots! – January 1985
Asian Ducks Symbolise Harmony – November 1984
Deepavali – November 1984
Travel Articles:
Colourful Mauritius, Isle of Rainbows  – April 1986
Islanders Honour Extinct Bird – April 1986
Catherine Lim – A Writer’s Tale – May 1987
Moving from Strength to Strength – May 1986
Program Boosts Exchange of Scholars – June 1985
Restaurant Review:
A Taste of Thailand in Singapore – January 1985


The Beam
(British Association Magazine, Singapore)
Book Reviews:
Indian Wildlife – August 1988
The Phoenix and Other Stories –  January 1988
How to See Nepal  –  May 1987
Gaida: In the Heart of the Jungle  –  May 1987
A New Home for old Treasures – March 1987
Fit to Face the New Year – January 1986
A Bird in the Hand – July 1985
Wind and Water for Harmony and Peace – March 1985
The Pursuit of Excellence – December 1985

Sawaddi IMG_3303
(American Women’s Association Magazine, Thailand)
Papercuts Snip Symbols into Design – January 1986

Times Decor Directory
(Annual supplement of ‘Decor Magazine’, published by Times Periodicals, Singapore)
Efficient Kitchens – December  1986
Workable Bathrooms  – December  1986


Bird Life Magazine
(Friends of the Jurong Bird Park Magazine, Singapore)
Understanding Parrot Behaviour  – October 1987
Parrots in their Native Lands –  July 1987

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