Plotting A Path

IMG_0497_2Only a few days to go before the proper start of this blog. I have been busy planning the series of topic areas I want to cover and the ways I can best present the material that I think will be of interest to you.

At the outset I want to make it clear that I will be concentrating on fiction in general, rather than specifically on novels or short stories, because I believe what I have to say will work well for both. Where I think there is something that lends itself particularly to one form or genre more than another, I will let you know.

This blog is about helping you to find solutions to a whole host of difficulties that you may have as you write fiction. This means I will of course be covering the large topic areas – how we might fix the problems that are likely to occur in creating characters, plots and settings, ways that we can strengthen structure and narrative, style and voice; rescue flawed beginnings, middles and endings; work to improve dialogue, distance and point of view, and see what we can do to make revision and editing a bit more fun.
Besides the series of posts dealing with these large topic areas, there will also be numerous posts covering less commonly addressed areas that need attention. These will vary from solutions to the thorny problem of including sex scenes, to simply what your story has to tell you about your paragraphing.

As I have been planning out the posts and the information I want to cover since I first told you about the blog, I have decided that the best way forward is to arrange my posts in a loose alphabetical order. However, if I find that enough people are asking me to cover a topic that falls towards the end of the alphabet, of course I will address it sooner rather than later.

I hope you will leave comments, sharing problems that you have had and what you have found that works for you. It might work for the rest of us, too.

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