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Hello Everybody,

11-02-2012_3I am a Newbie on the Web and really excited about being here and with ideas to bring to it that I hope you will find useful. Please bear with me while I get myself organized. I have started by loading pages that describe my writing experience in the hope that it will tell you a little about my background, the breadth of my experience and what I love doing most. I seem to have spent a decade on freelance journalism, another decade on non-fiction books and then moved on to short stories and poetry. It’s strange to look back and see a pattern emerge. I have been writing for many years, served a long apprenticeship, during which I have learned a great deal. I feel if I can pass on something of what I have learned to new writers, then perhaps it won’t take them as long to get to where I am now. This is what I have to offer:

My (forthcoming) Blog:

My plan is to have a blog attached to this website (starting March 1st 2013) called The Writers’ Repair Kit. In a series of twice weekly posts, I will be sharing tips, techniques and strategies that I have learned over the years and that I think can help new (and maybe some not-so-new) writers out of a fix. Do you have a recurring problem with your writing and don’t know what to do to change it? Maybe your endings are always weak? Maybe your writing just doesn’t flow in the way you want it to? Maybe you can’t seem move a character smoothly from one place to another? I can’t promise to fix everything but I can certainly help by offering you a variety of things to try, at least one of which is likely to lead to a solution. More on this soon……

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